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    Flexkom & M-commerce

    The forward-looking core of the business model is the combination of local retail and online commerce. Now this model is being expanded by a functional m-commerce model.

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    Shop... Use FLEXCARD

    FLEXKOM is one of the first to start a functional m-commerce concept is a European sales company. It is no surprise, as the network marketing industry has always been particularly flexible and future oriented.

    FlexShop, FlexOutlet, FlexHoliday.

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    World Wide Mega Mall

    FlexKom has developed a cross-shopping model, which will revolutionize the advertising and financial industry. The World Wide Mega Mall is being prepared, which is the largest online shopping mall in the world.

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    Our goal is to be in 50 countries, building up millions of Active FlexCard customers. FlexKom gives you a unique perspective of
    a Home Based Business with extra income

    Build your own home based business

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    FLEXKOBI unique concept

    Business owners this is for you. Fanntastic franchise opportunity is coming. Without spending a lot of time and bother you can benefit from this business opportunity. Do not Miss! Tomorrow may be too late.

    FLEXKOBI-FLEXKOM World benefits

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Flexkom Gets European Consumer Centre Approval

Flexkom came through this with flying colours and now has an official certification, which will be handed to Flexkom at the Mega-event day to Gunzburg, Germany on 9th June 2013.

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